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Australian Piling Group specializes in a wide range of foundation services to meet all your foundation requirements. 

APG Delivers Piling services across Sydney including the following 


Shoring Wall Systems

  • Bored Piles

Bored piles techniques are carried out using modern day drilling rigs, these high strength reinforced concrete cast in-situ piles are an economical load bearing solution. Australian Piling Group has various types of track mounted drilling rigs available across our piling company based in Sydney and Greater NSW which are capable of drilling depths of 50Lin m and into extremely high strength rock.

  • Grout Injected Piles

Grout injected piles or commonly known as Contiguous Flight Auger (CFA) is a piling method used on unstable grounds or highly saturated soils. This method involves injecting concrete through the hollow stem of the continuous auger  to achieve a uniform pile. Pile diameter range from 300mm to 900mm.

  • Cased Piles / Segmental Casing

Cased piling is another form of piling into weak, low durability, sandy or river bed soils. Casing of various sizes and lengths depending on structural elements is achieved by drilling the pile and inserting a 8-10mm steel casing. The casing is then lifted out slowing once concrete is placed. This helps guarantee a structurally sound pile construction in these soils.

  • Contiguous / Secant Pile Walls (CFA / Bored method)

Contiguous/Secant Pile Wall pile techniques are very similar in concept with bored piles however can be completed by bored pile method or continuous flight auger method.

  • Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling is used as a retaining wall system, it comprises of uniformed steel sheets that are overlapped. These systems are used for flood effected sites, docks, jetties bridge abutments or a temporary retaining system.

  • Anchoring & Shotcreting

Anchoring is used to provide support for retaining walls and is stressed to appropriate lock off loads. Once slabs are completed, anchors are destressed. Shotcreting is used for aesthetics of a retaining wall system.

  • Foundation / Shoring / Retaining Wall Design

We understand the complicity of pile and foundation design, at Australian Piling Group we strive to take on D&C projects from start to finish to help you achieve a cost effective and efficient piling design. With a high level of experienced engineers, you can always ensure a more innovative approach.