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Australian Piling Group Pty Ltd is well known for our obligation to continually improving and implementing WHS Policy with our dedicated WHS Officer. Our WHS Policy is fundamental to “Our Vision and Company Goals”.

Our priority and commitment for our employees, sub-contractors an others affected by our works require careful consideration and well thought out risk analysis. Our monthly meetings with our employees help provide a median between all levels of office staff and on-site staff to providing a real time risk analysis.

“SAFETY is serious BUSINESS! 


Australian Piling Group Pty Ltd provides a wide range of services with various machinery, our quality systems main objectives are to be specific and committed to ensuring high quality of service and product.

A highly recommended implementation to our piling rigs is the addition of a computer based monitoring system, “drilling mate system”. These systems provide our project mangers a back to base real time analysis of efficiency and progress.


Australian Piling Group Pty Ltd is well aware of the changing world and new EPA Standards and Policies. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by only using fuels which have proven reduced exhaust emissions in all our company plant and machinery.


Sound industrial relations are a key objective with Australian Piling Group Pty Ltd, our competitive nature helps us to be flexible, productive and efficient. Our frame work supports staff to be trained to be pro-active, punctual and fair.